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Case Study: HVAC Lead Generation Grows Rapidly with Marketing 360®

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We often get contractors and service business owners who straight up ask us to show them that Marketing 360® works.  Well, here you go.  This HVAC case study shows what professional marketing can do for lead generation, sometimes in just a matter of months.

An outdated, static website design that wasn’t mobile-friendly.  Terrible organic rankings on vital keyword searches.  Poorly set up local listings, including Google Places.  No online reviews.

This was the sad state of an HVAC service in Sudbury, Canada when they signed on with Marketing 360®.  They didn’t have anything in the way of digital marketing assets.  They relied on their outdated website and word of mouth from their happy clients.

That had been enough, but 2017 saw new competition in town, aggressively advertising and willing to low-ball on prices to steal their market share.  Without some serious updates, these guys could have been out of business.

When they came to Marketing 360®, the revamping began.

  • We redesigned their website on the mobile responsive UXI® platform to give it a modern, clean look.
  • We re-tooled existing content and started creating SEO relevant blogs and landing pages to improve their rankings.
  • We optimized and verified their local listings, including Google Places.
  • We created a plan to get more positive online reviews, including using an email campaign to get reviews on Google.
  • We created a Top Placement Ads® paid search campaign to target high performing, competitive keyword searches.

You want data?  Here it is:

(click to enlarge)

hvac conversion data case study


You don’t see improvement at this clip very often.

  • 1150% increase in impressions
  • 380% increase in conversions
  • 50% decrease in cost per conversions
  • 173% increase in website visits

These are night and day numbers.

They went from 14 to 107 conversions via organic channels, and 10 conversions to 36 on paid channels.

With organic, part of the improvement is from their increased organic rankings:

seo data hvac case study

But another important conversion optimization step was how much easier the design updates made it to call their business.

With the new design, they highlight the phone number as a call to action through the website:

hvac case study call to action

Also, of course, the first thing a mobile visitor sees is a click-to-call button in the header.



This is vital because most of their leads convert by calling in.  The easier it is to complete that task, the more conversions they get.

There you have it.  Nothing magical here.  Just the type of things we do every day to help local businesses generate leads.

If your lead generation isn’t keeping up, give us a call.  We can help, and we have the numbers to prove.

Learn more in this HVAC case study on calls to action and this HVAC case study on conversion based design.

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