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Case Study: How a Flooring Contractor Achieved Stellar Conversion Rates

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Paid Search

Many online marketing campaigns have a stubborn issue that just won’t seem to go away:  low conversion rates.

When driving business traffic through Google, the long held standard is that if your conversion rates are higher than 3%, you’re doing something right.   But a lot of SMBs have trouble getting ROI from a 3% paid advertising conversion rate.

At Marketing 360® when we work with a client that has strong, specific offering, we consider shooting for 3% conversion rates to be aiming low.  We can do better.


Case Study:  A Kansas City Flooring Contractor Shoots for 20% Conversion Rates

When a Kansas City flooring contractor came to Marketing 360®, they were struggling.  Their conversion rate was at 6% but they were not getting ROI from website advertising.

Their main goal with us was to raise this number and get a solid return out their pay-per-click-advertising.

Here are the steps that took a 6% conversion rate and got it soaring to over 20%.


Step #1:  Keyword Refinement

This contractor suffered from a common problem with novices running pay per click advertising campaigns.  They were using broad keyword match types on general keyword phrases.

In their case, they had hardwood floors as a broad match term.  That meant that anyone in their target area who typed in anything related to hardwood floors triggered their ad.  The searcher intent could have been anything from people looking for DIY ideas to someone shopping for laminate flooring, which is a product they don’t even offer.

Poorly targeted traffic is a sure fire way to kill conversion rates.

Marketing 360® set up phrase and exact match keyword types that would only trigger ads when the query matched what they offered, focusing strongly on their main offer, hardwood floor refinishing.  Here are their main TPA keyword targets over the last 60 days:

conversion rates keywords

There top two performing keywords have conversion rates of 37.21% and 42.86%.  Clearly, we’re doing a better job of connecting with the right audience.


Step #2:  Conversion Based Homepage Design

The best ads won’t do any good if they don’t deliver traffic to a web page that matches the message of the ad, communicates a strong value proposition, and has a compelling call to action.

Their older site did little of this, so we did a redesign on our UXI® website template.

The design helped, but what really improved things is when we clarified their value proposition.

Along the top of the main image, three short statements were added that showed their low pricing on refinishing, how they offered financing and stating clearly that they beat competitors’ prices:

value proposition homepage

This content matched their best performing ads, which explicitly noted their price advantage:

We also changed the wording on the call to action from “Get an Estimate” to “Get a Free Estimate”.

After these changes, we saw this data:

value proposition statsA 200% increase in conversions corresponding with the higher conversion rates.  Note that the increase in conversions didn’t correspond with more traffic – it just did a better job of qualifying and convincing.

Step #3:  Watching the Data

The last step was to watch the data and adjust budgets so that the best performing ads would be shown more, and to hit on times of the week when searches drove the most conversions.

Also, the marketing executive dialed in the geotargeting, eliminating ad delivery in the outskirts of Kansas City that were not driving conversions.

Today, this flooring contractor’s overall TPA conversion rate stands at 22.19 percent.  A year ago, their conversion rate was 6%.

For the last 180 days compared to the previous 180, they saw these changes:

case study paid advertising

  1. An increase in visibility (first-page impression share) of 24.36%.
  2. A decrease in impressions of 34.31% (this reflects the more precise keyword targeting so impressions aren’t wasted on irrelevant searches).
  3. Increase in overall clicks up 6.61%.
  4. Click through rate on ads up 62.5%
  5. Average cost per click down 11.49%
  6. 51.09% increase in total conversions.
  7. 41.38% increase in conversion rate.
  8. 37.55% decrease in cost-per-conversion.

That’s exceptional ROI that has transformed this contractor’s growth projections.

It’s not magic.  It’s conversion rate optimization – which is a process our marketing executives work all week long.

Take a look at your paid advertising data.  Are you in the average zone of 2-3%?  Want to do better?

Call us today.