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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Hairdressing Salon Converts With Elegant Website Design

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Design & Branding

Sometimes, less is more.

In fact, when it comes to website conversions, less (design) often means much more (conversions).

Case study in point is an Arizona-based hairdressing salon with two locations.

Their website design is simple.  It’s minimalist.  Black and white, bare bones info.

It’s also elegant – and effective.

Let’s break it down.



This homepage serves as a portal to the two location pages.  It is pure brand simplicity.  Here’s the mobile version:

A brand name with links to the locations.  No images, no other content.

Yet this shows a sense of style.  Since they are a beauty salon, having an Avant-garde feel to the site is appropriate.  This is a strong example of minimalist design.


Location Pages

This website consists of two versions of the same page (for each location).

Again, this is a clinic in minimalist design and content.  They provide the essentials, and nothing else.

This of course includes contact information, hours, and a “book appointment” call to action.  All this info is preceded by a short value offering that explains the philosophy behind their services.

Then, this website does something much of their competition does not (but it’s information clients want).

They provide pricing information:

beauty salon pricing info

This is actually a rarity.  This website uses a minimalist design style that lends itself to their brand.  Yet they manage to provide information many people consider vital – but that many websites bloated with excess content skip.

That’s a recipe for conversions.


Top Placement Ads® Data

For this client, we did the website design and manage their paid search advertising (Top Placement Ads).

With targeted search on “hair salon” related keywords, they convert at an impressive 12.44% (last 60 days).

beauty salon tpa data

Not every business is a fit for this type of minimalist, branded design, but many businesses could learn from how effective it is.

The chances are that your website needs to present far less content than you think.  Cut the deadwood while being sure to provide what visitors find most pertinent.

This is a beauty salon.  The goal is to get people to schedule appointments.

Just how much information is needed to motivate that goal?

This business accurately answers that question.