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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Flower Ecommerce Site Uses Social Retargeting Ads

Retargeting is a powerful way to get more conversions and increase brand awareness.  This flower eCommerce site shows how to convert using Facebook and Instagram retargeting.

People hesitate.  It’s a fact of life, a reality in marketing.  You’ll never get the most possible sales unless you have a follow-up tactic.

This is the goal behind retargeting.  You stay in front of people who’ve shown interest in your product and remind them how happy they’ll be once they take care of things and buy from you.

When someone leaves an eCommerce site and goes back to their internet life, many end up on Facebook or Instagram – two of the most popular social media sites.  This is a perfect place to execute retargeting campaigns, particularly for a product with visual appeal like roses.


Case Study:  Roses Charm a Retargeting Audience

A Marketing 360® eCommerce client which sells treated roses that stay fresh for a year discovered that retargeting website visitors on Facebook and Instagram delivered the highest conversion rates of any of their campaigns at a healthy 4.77%.

conversion data

This translates into 17.4% of their total conversions coming from retargeting:

percentage of conversions

Imagine if they failed to execute this tactic.  Nearly 1 in 5 of their sales are coming from people who visited their website but didn’t buy on their first visit.  To leave that money on the table would be an inexcusable oversight.

Indeed, these numbers are excellent for retargeting campaigns.  Why is this so effective for this business?

There are two important reasons.  First is that they have a visually appealing product.  Pictures of beautiful roses are the type of content that is enjoyed and shared on Facebook and Instagram.

The second is the demographic.  Their target audience is active on these social media platforms, so the ads have a lot of reach.

This ad is a top converter:

facebook retargeting ad

Note the reactions, comments and shares.  That’s exposure to over 2k more people beyond the retargeting list.  This is excellent engagement for a sponsored post.  Overall, they have 4.07% conversion rate with Facebook ads.

Because Instagram uses the same website pixel to create retargeting lists, it’s a natural to run ads there as well.   This ad converts at 26.08%:

This business is now ready to expand into social targeting ads that target new audiences based on the success of these retargeting ads.

So far the most successful ads are lookalike audiences, one of men who added a product to their cart and one based on current customers.

They also target women on Instagram who engaged on Facebook, meaning all those likes, shares, and comments on the initial retargeting ad creates a new list to target on Instagram.  It’s using retargeting to create another retargeting list.

The final result is campaigns that target interested audiences with enticing, shareable content that’s a fit for social media.  Between the two, they average 68% ROI.

With that kind of return on marketing, you’ll want to stop and smell the roses.