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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Educational Services Convert with Social Targeting Ads®

Social Targeting Ads® are proving to be a strong lead generation tool.  Here’s how this tactic is helping three different schools get new students.

Marketing 360® built our solution on the concept of inbound marketing.  We believe one of the most effective ways to market is to let consumers use search so they find you when they have a need.

However, we’re also a digital marketing agency, and that means we have to change with the times.  In that light, acknowledge that outbound marketing also works as a digital tactic.  In fact, sometimes it’s the most effective tactic a business can execute.

Social Targeting Ads® (STA) is a type of outbound marketing.  We target audiences that are highly likely to be interested in the offer, and put the ads into their Facebook and Instagram feeds.

We’ve reviewed the growth of predictive outbound marketing, noting its escalating impact.  The following case studies from Marketing 360® clients in the education vertical prove how effective STA® is becoming.


STA® For Education Clients

Here is conversion data for a Marketing 360® client who operates a music school (30-day):

education case study conversion data

education marketing case study

80% of their conversions are coming from this ad which we are running on Facebook:

education case study facebook ad

Here is the target demographics that guide the targeting for this ad:

education case study

Here is the data for a Montessori school we market for:

Again, a high percentage of conversions (75%) coming from STA:

education case study sta data

Most of these conversions are from a campaign run for a summer camp:

education case study facebook ad

Here are the target demographics:

education case study target demographics

In some cases, we even see periods where STA drives all new leads, as is the case for this school which provides training for nurses:

education case study

They generate leads targeting people interested in nursing careers using this ad:

education case study facebook ad

Given the multi-channel aspects of digital marketing, we know that over time these schools will gain more conversions from other channels.  In fact, the brand exposure they get through these ads will contribute to their organic conversions in the future.

But this data shows the strength of STA as a lead-generation campaign, particularly for a vertical like education where you can target highly interested demographics for outbound social media marketing.