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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: E-commerce Store Grows with Facebook Ads

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Facebook Ads

This is the type of eCommerce sales growth we love to see at Marketing 360®:

Strong sales growth each month they’ve worked with us since July 2018.

This is a story of marketing that drives brand awareness. While all the sales channels have improved, the real standout is Facebook (represented in purple in the above graph).

As traffic increased on Facebook, so did conversions. There are two main areas that are particularly effective.

The first and most effective (in targeting sales) is retargeting ads for people who visited the website or engaged with their Facebook page.

For example, this ad targets people who abandon their cart:

This ad was the strongest driver of sales in the last 6 months (people love a deal!).

This ad did well, targeting people who visited the website or engaged with the business on either Facebook or Instagram:

This video ad selling a deodorant product did well targeting an interest-based audience only. The ad targeted women in the US ages 25-44 with interests in ethical consumerism and health & wellness products.

Last, they targeted lookalike audiences, with seed audiences including both customers who ordered and website, Facebook, and Instagram engagers.

This ad used the effective tactic of including a customer testimonial:

The result of these campaigns is that in the last 6 months, 39.5% of their conversions are directly from Facebook traffic. But in addition, the majority of the brand conversions (which makes up 42.6% of conversions) are actually referrals from Facebook.

In short, Facebook Ads are killing it for this eCommerce site.

They’re smart to target Facebook because their prime demographic (women ages 25-44) are really active on this platform; you can see how many reactions, comments, and shares their ads are getting.

They’re converting at 15.55% on social targeting ads and 8.81% overall.

Those are healthy conversion numbers, indeed.