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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Denver Auto Repair Service Shows the Power of Consistency

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Local Advertising

Avalon Motorsports of Denver is a long-time Marketing 360® client that shows how consistent marketing, year after year, drives consistent success.  Here’s how they do it.

It’s a great thing to have a professional, award-winning website with a clean, conversion-based design.

You can’t beat having high SEO ranking for your highest value keywords.

It’s a win to see your paid advertisements consistently in the top spots on mobile and desktop searches.

And it’s satisfying to know that your excellent reputation, backed by positive reviews and testimonials, is winning you new business.

But what’s really excellent to have all these things happening for your auto repair service year after year.

That’s the success story of Avalon Motorsports and the work they get from Marketing 360®.  At this point, another strong month of lead generation and business growth is the expectation.  Referral business just continues to grow.

Here’s a breakdown of what we do for Avalon (and what we could do for your auto shop).


Conversion-Based Website Design

Avalon has a business website that makes all the right moves.  Here’s what you see right off the bat:

auto repair marketing case study homepage

Two things happen right away.  First, you know what they specialize in.  The headline “Denver’s German Automotive Experts” with their phone number conveys vital info fast.

The second is that you feel a sense of trust.  They have a “Reviews” link that opens a search for their business name (that a lead would do anyway) where you can see links to their Yelp page (44 reviews, 4.5-star rating), Google business page (122 reviews 4.7-star rating) as well as their BBB page.

They also have a testimonials page link in their main navigation.  This sends a message: we have loads of positive reviews and we want visitors to see them.

And best of all, they use video with a fantastic testimonial (Vanessa) and another that gives a service overview and tour of their shop.  This is an incredible amount of value being communicated above the fold, fast.

Scroll just a bit and you get a strong value proposition with a breakdown of the makes they service.

auto repair marketing case study homepage

The “schedule service” link in the navigation remains highlighted as you scroll down the page so that call to action is always there.

This excellent website contributed to Avalon’s inclusion in Motor Age Top 10 Shops in America award.  It also creates a superb first impression on new leads.


Winning Organic Search

Of all online marketing tactics, search engine optimization (SEO) is the one that pays off most over the long-term.  Avalon’s investment in our Natural Listing Ads® organic search program delivers huge ROI.

Simply put, they gained and continue to hold page-one ranking on every prime keyword they target:

auto repair case study seo rankings

At this point, maintaining rank is maintenance work.  We do a couple of blog posts a month, check up on their Google business listing, and do occasional content updates.


Top Placement Ads

For paid advertisements (PPC), Avalon’s marketing executive ran and tested a variety of ad types with different wording, deals, calls to action, and landing pages.  Over time, we’ve discovered two types of ads that work best.

The most successful paid ad type is call only.  These are mobile-only ads where the call to action is a click to call button.

The top-performing text ad uses the keyword insertion tool with the term “repair shop” as default text.  This type of ad is effective because the ad headline itself reflects the actual search query from the user.

What’s really effective here is how the organic and paid search channels complement each other.  The organic terms rank for specific terms that most closely relate to their services.  The call only ad is most effective for mobile searches.  And the keyword insertion ad covers more general desktop and mobile searches.


The Data

Here is a breakdown of Avalon’s digital conversions over the last 90 days.

auto repair case study conversion data

Stellar conversion rates on Top Placement Ads are helped by call-only conversions.  The brand channel is mainly from people who’ve become familiar with Avalon’s name and look the site up directly.

It’s a nice profile of conversions for an auto repair service:

auto repair marketing data

The lifetime revenue value of a new client at this auto shop can reach tens of thousands, and they do an excellent job of winning business from each lead.  At a lifetime cost per conversion of $70.45, their ROI on marketing is immense.

These tactics hit on cylinders, month after month, year after year.  It’s a sign of their high-quality service, and that marketing ensures their target market in Denver knows the Avalon brand.

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