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Marketing 360® Blog

Fuel Your Brand®: Counseling Service Grows with Marketing 360®

Post By Jacob Snowden | Case Studies | Paid Search

If there is any type of business that needs to be straightforward and clear, it’s counseling.

Prospective patients arrive on these websites confused, perhaps dismayed.  The last thing they need is website content that compounds the problem.

A Marketing 360® client who has worked with us since 2017 has a exemplary website design that supports strong conversions from their search and brand traffic channels.

Here’s a breakdown of how they keep to the essentials on their homepage (brand obscured for privacy):

counseling website design

  • Headline notes their location and specializations
  • Phone number appears in 3 places, including a call to action button
  • Call to action button to schedule an appointment
  • Design is simple and clear

Online consumers prefer to engage with websites that orient them immediately.  You only have a few seconds to settle people so they know they’re in a place that can help them.  This site achieves this admirably.

Next, they realize that people looking for relationship therapy want a few details before they commit to an action.  So we developed backpages describing their approach to each type of therapy they offer.  This offers needed details and reassurance.

counseling case study

These also serve as landing pages for Top Placement Ads®, which creates high Quality scores and conversion rates:

counseling case study ad data

This practice has also gained by sticking with content marketing.  Last year compared to this year, their orgainc results have grown dramatically:

nla bar

nla data counseling case study

  • Conversions up 18.68%
  • Conversion rate up 29.73%

They have steady growth with keywords driving traffic:

counseling case study seo data

The quality of leads this practice gets is also excellent because the traffic is targeted and informed.  In October of 2018, they got 150 new clients.  In October of 2019, they 249.

These are the kinds of results you get when you have stong website content and consistent optimization of paid and organic search channels.

Client reference M11381.