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Marketing 360® Blog

Architectural Marketing Success Story: DrafterMax

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies

DrafterMax is an architectural CAD drafting firm and Marketing 360® client for three years. The story of their success is all about consistent growth.

DrafterMax, New York-based architectural drawings service, knows the value of a perfect line. That’s why they’re so happy about this one:

This line graph shows their website conversion and online traffic growth over the time they’ve worked with Marketing 360®. This is exactly the trajectory we shoot for. Consistent and upward.

A standout channel for them is organic, which shares the trajectory of their overall growth:

The paid Top Placement Ads starts to reveal a pattern of results:

Here’s something you rarely see. For the term “drafting services Brooklyn”, this website is on page one five times (paid ad at bottom of page not shown):

That’s some serious search page results dominance.

The Long Run

When you see this type of long-term growth from a marketing plan, it’s not really tied to down to just one event or tactic.

Instead, it’s a result of working through the marketing process. Over time, we refine the way we target ads, build organic traffic through content marketing, and use every channel available to increase brand awareness. We use data to improve website, advertisement, and landing page designs.

This process is what’s helped DrafterMax increase their marketing investment – and more importantly – their return on that investment.

And those beautiful lines just keep moving up.