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The Marketing 360® programs by traffic over the first 180 days

Impressive Month Over Month Results

Customer - M3116

Steady growth in conversions (black line) and results over the first 180 days.

The marketing campaigns see drastic changes over the first 4 months; increased conversion, increased conversion rate, decreased cost-per-conversion, and increased ERG (Est. Revenue Generated). This is achieved through continuous optimization.

The Natural Listing Ads® campaign is capturing highly targeted traffic.

Customer - M6977

Top Placement Ads®

There is a strong correlation between Top Placement Ads® traffic (blue line) and conversions (black line); as the Top Placement Ads® traffic increases with time, so do the conversions.

Over a five-month period, the cost-per-conversion decreased and the total conversions, conversion rate, and ERG(Estimated Revenue Generated) increased.

Customer - A3263

This client had a fully optimized program that began to bring consistent results with both traffic and conversions (black line). However, you can see conversions taking a dive when the paid ads were paused. Top Placement Ads® are extremely important considering the majority of users click on one of the top three search results.

Customer - M5133

Top Placement Ads® data comparing the first 60 days to the next 60 days is shown below. Multiple critical elements have greatly improved: clicks, cost-per-click, conversions, conversion rate, and cost-per-conversion.

Customer - M7674

Starting a Micro Bid Shopping campaign improved the overall cost-per-conversion by over 73% over a 30-day period!

Customer - M6764

The Top Placement Ads® and Natural Listing Ads® account for nearly 60% of all traffic and conversions, demonstrating the importance of inbound paid and organic search.

Customer - M5917

Because of continual optimization, Top Placement Ads® traffic (blue line) has increased over time; conversions (black line) are following the same linear pattern.

Customer - M6758

Marketing began three months ago for this client; they are already seeing major improvements from month to month. It will be exciting to see how their campaign transforms after 180 days.

Customer - M7891

Natural Listing Ads®

Increased visibility and clickability are achieved through our optimized Natural Listing Ads® and Top Placement Ads®. You can see an increase in conversions over the six-month period shown below. The campaigns are converting at very high rates.

Customer - M3818

There is a strong correlation between the NLA® traffic and conversions; Natural Listing Ads® traffic has gained traction over a nine-month period.

The Natural Listing Ads® data comparing the first 90 days to the next 90 days is shown below. Notice the huge improvement in cost-per-conversion.

Customer - M5698

Overall Totals and Natural Listing Ads data comparing the first 60 days to the next 60 days is show below. Many positive changes have occurred over the 120-day optimization period: decreased cost-per-visitor, decreased bounce rate, increased average time on site, increased conversions, and decreased cost-per-conversion.

Customer - M6452

Retargeting Ads®

On average about 97% of visitors do not convert the first time they come to your website; it is extremely important to retarget those visitors. The optimized Retargeting Ads® campaign is converting at 6.9% over the last 180 days.

Customer - A2932

Retargeting can be a very powerful tool. When a visitor leaves your website without taking action, it doesn't necessarily mean they are bad traffic, it just means they were not ready to take action at that moment. This client made sure to not miss out on the opportunity with those people. The Retargeting Ads® (burnt orange line) are now converting at nearly 10% over a three-month period and driving more traffic than the Top Placement Ads® Program (blue line).

Customer - M8008

Social Targeting Ads®

The Social Targeting Ads® and Top Placement Ads® were beginning to gain traction just before this client made a decision to pause the ads. Once the ads were paused, traffic and conversions (black line) dropped significantly.

Customer - M6470

Over a five-month period the Cost-Per-Visitor and Cost-Per-Conversion have decreased. The Conversion Rate and Est. ROI have increased.

There is a direct correlation between Social Targeting Ads® traffic (purple line) and Conversions (black line).

Customer - M8008

There is an increase in conversions and conversion rate when comparing the first 60 days to the next 60 days of running the Social Targeting Ads® program. The cost-per-conversion and cost-per-click have decreased. The positive changes are due to continual optimization of the Social Targeting Ads® campaign.

Customer - M8008


We began marketing this client’s existing website. The website did not convert a single user. So based on our recommendation, the client allowed us to re-design their site on our UXi® platform. Once live, the new site converted at a much higher rate.

Customer - M8008

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