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Marketing 360® Blog

Online Ordering for your Restaurant

Post By Lauren Meeker | Blog

Banner image displaying takeout food and the text "Online Ordering for your Restaurant"

As restaurants make the shift to selling online, your business will need to shift quickly to allow your customers to order from wherever they are!

Marketing 360® offers an All-In-One Online Ordering Solution for restaurants, cafés, bars, and all other businesses who want customers to order online for scheduled pickup at your location or for your in-house team to deliver.

If your customers want your delicious food and refreshing drinks, then you’ll want to make it as easy as possible to satisfy their requests when they order. The Websites 360® Shop App by Marketing 360® makes that possible.

With this solution, your customers can order from your website, Facebook, or Instagram and come pick up their order when it’s ready. They can also schedule a time to pick up their order later.

The All-In-One Online Ordering Solution includes:

  • The online ordering platform for scheduled pickup
    • Or delivery with your in-house team
  • Ability to leverage discount coupons
  • Ability to sell digital gift cards 
  • Next-day payouts for payment processing
  • A website builder (CMS) for a full website or for online orders only, your preference

All-In-One Online Ordering Solution

People want to be able to order your food and drinks online — it’s convenient and easy to do with our online ordering platform. The Websites 360® Shop App provides all the tech you need to create your menu online, set up secure payment processing (with flat rates that never change), and a drag-and-drop website builder that is easy for you to create and update your menu without knowing any code.

Plus, it’s easy to change your menu, sell digital gift cards, and leverage online discount coupons for your unique promotions.

Now, let’s dig into these features a bit more!

Online Ordering Platform

Image of a menu item featuring a hot Italian bread sandwich with different ordering options

The online ordering platform is powered by the Websites 360® Shop App. It allows you to upload your menu and facilitate purchases so customers can browse, add items to their order, and purchase online.

When your customers place an order, you’ll receive an email notification with all the details.

No matter where your customer may be ordering from, you can help bring your restaurant to life. Each menu item can feature:

  • A photo
  • Extras or add-ons
  • Substitutions
  • Different flavors or options
  • Sizes
  • Description
  • Price (adjusts based on customizations)

Once they’re captivated by your delightful menu options, customers can order from any device — this solution is fully responsive for mobile.

Online ordering can also integrate with your Facebook and Instagram profiles so you can turn your social posts into tasty digital samples with ordering made easy on these social channels too.

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Leverage Discount Coupons

Engage with new and existing customers on your website or social media when you hook them in with an exciting discount coupon. Coupons can entice customers to purchase something they may have not previously considered, and can also turn previous customers into returning, loyal patrons of your restaurant.

Setting up digital discount coupons happens directly within the Websites 360® Shop App platform.

Screenshot of the Websites 360 Shop App discount coupons dashboard

You can create a coupon to provide people a discount via a flat dollar amount or for a certain percentage of their order, and they can be set for an indefinite amount of time or for a specific window — even allowing you to schedule the start date that the discount is active.

Discount coupons also feature specific filters so different customers can apply different coupons for:

  • All orders or only subtotals over a specific order amount
  • All customers or only repeat customers
  • The number of uses as unlimited, once per customer, or single-use 
  • All menu items or limited to a specific category of menu items or a specific item itself
A detailed picture of the variables that can be applied to a specific coupon on Websites 360 Shop App

It’s easy to turn the discount coupons on and off, track the number of uses by your customers, and change any details about the discount whenever you want.

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Sell Digital Gift Cards

A great way to share the love for your restaurant with new customers is to give existing customers the opportunity to purchase a gift card.

When visitors buy a digital gift card from you, they’ll receive the details for it in their email and can then spend the gift card when they order online.

An example of purchasing a gift card on the Websites 360 Shop App

Setting up the gift card is quite similar to other menu items. You can customize the design of the card to match your brand or even use a picture.

Gift cards can be created and featured as part of your entire menu of options, or you can choose to display gift cards only in specific categories. It’s worth it to mention that even if you display the gift card in a specific category, people can spend the gift card for anything on your menu when they purchase.

If you’d rather them limit which category they can spend it in, it’ll be better to set up a single-use discount coupon for that particular person, menu item, or category.

These digital gift cards are a great way to collect revenue immediately so that people can share the love and experience of your restaurant later.

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Next-Day Payouts + Other Payment Processing Perks

The online ordering process wouldn’t be complete without a way for your business to collect payment right away. So, that’s what we offer you! Our payment processing solutions are secure and PCI compliant to protect your business.

Payment processing with the Shop App offers flat rates that are locked in for the life of your contract. This makes expenses predictable for you, as a business owner, so that you have a transparent understanding of the transaction fees and can plan that in from day one.

An infographic describing working with a Payment Consultant at Marketing 360

We also proudly offer next-day payouts for online orders. When your customers order online from you today, you’ll see those payments hit your bank tomorrow.

In addition to secure processing, flat rates, and next-day payouts, setting up the Websites 360® Shop App brings you into the Marketing 360® family. With that, you’ll get to work with one direct point of contact for everything related to payment processing. That means you get 24/7 email support from our HQ in Fort Collins, CO, and an account manager to be your go-to for customer support.

As such, your dedicated rep will monitor potential risks, help you fight chargebacks, and make sure you’re always updated with the latest tips, tricks, and strategies to avoid penalties and other risks.

Another perk to partnering with our team is you unlock access to the Marketing 360® Gateway and Reporting + Virtual Terminal. This allows you to key-in orders and to leverage the digital tech for orders that need to be processed outside of the Websites 360® Shop App, such as large catering orders over the phone. Here you can create the order and collect payment without requiring people to come into your restaurant for unique orders that aren’t listed in your menu.

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A Website Builder

The Websites 360® Shop App integrates fully with the Websites 360® builder for a full website content management system (CMS). You can create a brand new website using our drag-and-drop builder to create your brand online, letting your community learn more about you and your business online.

A front-end look at the menu categories and featured products to order online through Websites 360 Shop App

If you already have a website that you love, you can link the Websites 360® Shop App into your current website. You can connect your customers to this online ordering solution using a subdomain that holds your menu and online ordering app.

The Shop App can be customized to match your brand so your customers won’t even know they’re using a different tool to order online.

Creating your online ordering experience or a brand-new website is something that you can get started with on your own as soon as you activate your Websites 360® Shop App. But, if you’d rather not do it yourself, you can also add on a Launch Pack to have our Creative Team create your store and website for you.

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