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Here Are 3 Fundamentals You Need To Excel At Customer Service

| Marketing 360 Reviews

There is a common piece of advice in marketing today that probably leaves you feeling uncertain – even though it’s an obvious suggestion. It’s advice known to help with client retention, improving your reputation, and being profitable over the lifetime of your business. The advice is to offer great customer service and great customer experiences.  You hear suggestions such as … Continued Read More

7 Locksmith Marketing Ideas, Tips & Lead...

| SMB Marketing Verticals

Does your locksmith business need to up its marketing game and generate more high-quality leads?  Here are 7 digital marketing tips that will help the locked-out and unsecured fin… Read More

Case Study: Home Security Company Conve...

| Case Studies

Social Targeting Ads® are one of the best ways to target potential consumer audiences.  This Marketing 360® security company client shows the potential of this tactic. One of th… Read More

Case Study: Property Management Uses Re...

| Case Studies

This Marketing 360® property management client targets audiences for review requests, providing valuable insight into how different groups view their services. There are many ways… Read More

Online Copywriting Tips: How to Say Wha...

| Content Marketing

A web page meta description on Google search displays up to 320 characters and averages about 230.  A tweet on Twitter can have up 280. Your website value proposition and product … Read More

Personal Trainer Marketing Case Study: ...

| Case Studies

Marketing 360® works with two personal trainers who are using social media marketing and videos to gain huge followings.  Here’s an overview of how they do it. (Note, for p… Read More

Market Need: What it is and Why it's So...

| Content Marketing

What comes first, the product or the marketing strategy? It’s an interesting question to consider because the answer is almost always the same:  the product.  Unfortunately… Read More

Catering Marketing Case Study: Ranking ...

| Case Studies

Marketing for catering businesses tends to be fairly straightforward – but that doesn’t mean easy.  Here’s how an Atlanta based catering company achieves success… Read More

3 Types of Shopping Searches (With Examp...

| eCommerce Marketing

When it comes to using search engines to shop, consumers have 3 different starting points.  When you understand these, you can structure your campaigns to fit each search intent. … Read More

Case Study: How to Use Social Media to ...

| Case Studies

Successful Kickstarter campaigns don’t just happen.  They’re the result of marketing efforts that target the right audience and motivate them to back your project.  H… Read More