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This is Why Call Tracking is Essential for Your Marketing

| PPC Management

Conversions are the single most important metric in a lead-generation campaign.  However, many businesses fail to track phone call conversions, leaving a major gap in their data.  Here’s the why and how of phone call tracking for SMB lead generation campaigns. If you’re running a lead-generation campaign online and one of your main conversions is getting phone calls – but … Continued Read More

Timing in Marketing - Ideas on Timing a ...

| Internet Marketing

In a recent post, we described the #1 reason that startups fail.  The data we cite comes to the conclusion that the biggest problem is that businesses discover there is no market … Read More

Case Study: Solar Company Shines With H...

| Case Studies

This solar panel company gets the phone ringing with a functional, informative website and high search rankings in their target areas. Solar power is gaining in popularity with hom… Read More

Case Study: Yoga Studio Discovers the P...

| Case Studies

Yoga Pod in Fort Collins knows the power of Marketing 360®.  Here’s their story (in their own words) with a review of how they gain from this platform. Let’s highligh… Read More

The Instagram Influencer Who Is More Hum...

| Marketing 360 Reviews

On a recent Saturday morning as I was about to take a sip of coffee, my 13-year old daughter poked her phone in between my cup and face. “Dad, do you think hairstyle would lo… Read More

Case Study: Dance School Converts with ...

| Case Studies

This dance school in the Bronx uses Natural Listing Ads® to get high search rankings and build their local brand presence. We’d like to present to you a simple case study. … Read More

Case Study: Chiropractic Uses Testimoni...

| Case Studies

This Marketing 360® chiropractic client offers an alternative laser treatment that many new patients are unfamiliar with.  They use videos testimonials to win the confidence of n… Read More

Case Study: Facebook Lookalike Audience...

| Case Studies

Olive Mae is a Marketing 360® client that is getting huge results from Social Targeting Ads®. If there is one thing that pays off with marketing and advertising, it’s using… Read More

Case Study: Catering Company Develops U...

| Case Studies

This catering and food delivery service gets a huge flow of conversions and high revenues from their unique value proposition (UVP). Marketing 360® markets for a successful cateri… Read More

Case Study: Carpet Cleaners Masters Con...

| Case Studies

This Marketing 360® carpet cleaning client discovered two tactics that lead to high conversion rates. So you’re a local carpet cleaning service doing lead generation.  What… Read More