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Tips On Creating an Effective Value Proposition

| Website Marketing

The unique value proposition (UVP) is one of the fundamental tenets of marketing.  It clarifies what you do well and why consumers should hire you.  It implies why you are a better choice than your competition. Without a UVP, a prospective client won’t understand why they should work with you or how you solve their problem.  A crisp UVP is at … Continued Read More

Tips On Writing Effective Taglines for Y...

| Website Marketing

A tagline, or slogan, is a short statement that captures the essence of your business.  An effective tagline is among the most challenging pieces of copy to write.  Here are some… Read More

What is a Data-Driven Marketing Campaign...

| Internet Marketing

“Data-driven” is a commonly used term in digital marketing, but what, exactly, does that mean?  Let’s review what a data-driven campaign is – and what it i… Read More

Social Media Management and Reputation M...

| Social Media Management

In this video, we are going to discuss Social Media Management and Reputation Management tips and tricks to ensure you have a solid strategy when it comes to your social media pres… Read More

The Worst Advice We've Heard About Digit...

| Internet Marketing

Marketing 360® prides itself on offering useful marketing advice for small businesses.  In this post, we’ll go over some of the worst advice we’ve heard, with tips on… Read More

Case Study: The Basics of a High Conver...

| Case Studies

As a real estate agent, you’re doing your best on Zillow and Realtors.com.  But you have all your main listings on your website, and you’d like to draw more leads to i… Read More

Case Study: Law Firm with Long-Term Mar...

| Case Studies

This Marketing 360® law firm client demonstrates how staying with a marketing strategy for years creates consistent results and steady growth. What does a marketing campaign that&… Read More

Google Loves Happy Searchers - How to Av...

| SEO for Small Business

Pogo sticking is to a web page what bad breath is to kissing. Pogo sticking is when someone conducts a search, clicks through to your webpage, but then immediately hits the back bu… Read More

Case Study: Locksmith Finds the Keys to...

| Case Studies

This Florida locksmith shows how focusing on a call to action leads to superior conversion rates. When you’re marketing a locksmith business, you should have strong conversio… Read More

This is Why You Must Develop a Clear Mar...

| Marketing 360 Reviews

A lot of small business marketing fails because they don’t develop a foundational marketing strategy.  Here is a marketing strategy overview with insights on how they’… Read More