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Website Usability Testing – This is How You Get More Conversions by Improving User Experience

| Internet Marketing

Website usability tests are underused, particularly with small businesses.  Many SMBs will develop a website based on their own instincts, intuition, and taste, but never analyze how visitors respond to the content. The result is conversion rates that are lower than they should be.  Business owners love their websites but don’t realize that visitors are confused and unmotivated to act. … Continued Read More

Our Best SEO Tip for 2018 (This is How ...

| SEO for Small Business

Here’s an important exercise for SEO keyword research in 2018. Don’t think of Google as a computer search engine.  Imagine that there’s no such thing as an algor… Read More

Case Study: Landscaping Company Lands H...

| Case Studies

Is there ROI with Facebook Lead Ads?  A Marketing 360® landscaping client using our Social Targeting Ads® program says Yes! When we do a marketing consultation at Marketing 360… Read More

The Best Way to Outsource Marketing Acti...

| Marketing 360 Reviews

Small businesses that want to outsource their marketing activities often find themselves juggling resources and shifting between agencies.  This causes them to waste time when the… Read More

Case Study: Social Targeting Ads for Le...

| Case Studies

What does an effective lead-generation campaign look like on Facebook?  This vacation time-share management company gives us a perfect example. Social targeting ads on Facebook ne… Read More

Local Marketing Ideas for Restaurants (T...

| SMB Marketing Verticals

Restaurant marketing provides a number of unique challenges, yet most successful restaurants do well because they excel at the fundamentals.  In this post, we’ll review what… Read More

What's the Difference Between Marketing ...

| Marketing 360 Reviews

Marketing 360® and Wix are both popular services that help small businesses and startups get their businesses online.  So what are the differences, and which is best for your bus… Read More

Case Study: Facebook Lookalike Audience...

| Case Studies

Facebook Lookalike Audiences are – theoretically – the best way to target ads to a new audience.  True, except this case study shows it’s no theory.  This tacti… Read More

Lifestyle Marketing in the Digital Age

| Internet Marketing

If people were strictly logical, there would be no marketing. Instead, you’d have a product that fulfills a need, like a hammer or kitchen knife.  People would understand th… Read More

The Digital Marketing Process (Is More I...

| Marketing 360 Reviews

While you might be tempted to see marketing in terms of projects, to develop a competitive strategy you need to think of it as an ongoing process. Here are some common questions pr… Read More